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Maine Coon Cat: Meet Hobie the kitty with a big personality

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Publié le 30 Oct 2018 / Dans Personnes & Blogs

A couple of years ago we surprised Sam's parents by getting them a Maine Coon cat. The first time we ever encountered one of these giant cats was at a cat cafe in Seoul, Korea. We soon visited a few more cat cafes around the world and it was with further encounters we fell in love with this gentle giant breed.

The following is a video of our one and a half year old Maine Coon who has many names but officially is called Hobie. You'll find shots of him playing, jumping, splashing, running, chasing, climbing, scratching, eating and a whole lot more. This cat is full of personality and it won't take long for you to realize why we think he's equally parts mischievous and adorable.

In terms of facts about the Maine coon gato enjoy the following:

The Maine Coon is the largest domesticated breed of cat and you'll notice in terms of its physical appearance large pointed ears, long whiskers, silky flowing coat and massive paws. These cats typically have a playful personality and are intelligent often being compared to dogs in terms of certain habits such as fetching and enjoying water. They're most similar in terms of appearance and size to the Norwegian Forest Cat.

Come find out why we love this bread so much and how this little orange/red Maine Coon cat has turned our lives upside down ;)

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Maine Coon Cat: Meet Hobie Video Transcript:

Meet Hobie the Maine Coon Cat, also known as Hobster the Lobster. Hobie is Sam's red-headed brother, and he's been causing mischief ever since he joined his human family. He may look cute, but this one is a troublemaker, though a lovable one at that.

Hobie has a fascination with water and if there's a dripping tap or a bathtub being filled, he'll be the first one at the scene. He loves drinking water from the tub, and if someone were to forget the toilet lid up, he'd likely climb in there too.

Playing with bubbles is another pastime for this cheeky little Maine Coon. He'll paw at the water while the tub fills, and then once bubbles start to form, he'll watch in amazement and then try to paw those too. He'll lean in as far in as he can without falling into the water, though I have a feeling he would enjoy a swim if he ever were to tumble in.

Once bath time is over, Hobie will wait for his human to leave behind a wet towel and then he'll crawl under it. Like I said, he's a strange one.

When he isn't playing with water, Hobie enjoys grooming time.

Oh, and scratching furniture as well. Especially if the piece happens to be an antique.

This lovable Maine Coon kitty is always up for play time. He enjoys chasing a laser across the couches in the living room, and he could easily spend a half hour running back and forth if it weren't for the fact that his humans get tired. Sometimes, however, his balance is a little off. There he goes...

Aside from laser tag, he also enjoys playing with 'Specie-Bird'. He likes to catch a mouthful of feathers, but not when the camera is rolling. That's when he decides to sit down and just stare at you.

Another game he enjoys is playing tag with Sam. Hobie will chase Sam down the halls, and then the two trade places, and Sam chases him down instead. It must be pretty scary having a red-headed giant chase you down the halls, but since Hobie runs faster than Sam, he has nothing to worry about.

Now this is where Hobie shows of his acrobatic skills. If running weren't impressive enough, he also enjoys leaping. And I'm not talking about leaping on furniture; he'll jump onto the kitchen counters, then onto the fridge, and then sit himself atop the cupboards.

And after all that, he'll take a minute to enjoy his own lunch. Bon appetit, kitty!

Of course, Hobie is still a young kitten, so after all that activity, he needs a siesta. If all his running around has tired you out, this is when you can enjoy a nap! Quick, before he wakes up.

Cuddles are still a work in progress for Hobie the Maine Coon, but regardless of that, he's a keeper!

This is part of our Maine Coon cat video series showcasing Maine Coon cats.

Music in this video courtesy of Audio Network

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